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I'm doing a psychology project on EA, about her depression and bipolar disorder.,and I was wondering if you had any links or any information on it. Thanks!

Specifically about her experience with these things? I can’t think of anything specific, but there are interviews where she talks about it. Maybe someone can link them in the comments below?


[From Emilie’s Instagram]


Emilie Autumn + violin

Do fans still want to own the book? I'm considering selling.

You can always try to sell it on ebay.

Is IMDP's info on EA's siblings true?

IMDB? Well, they don’t cite any sources, so there’s that. Do some research of your own to see if you can find any information like that elsewhere.

So, I've been listening to Rose Red alot lately, it's one of my favorite songs by Emilie, and I have a couple of questions: I heard somewhere (i think from her own mouth on the Opheliac Companion) that she hates this song - can anyone tell me why? And if anybody knows, I'd also like to know the background of this song and what it's really about - as much as I love the lyrics, i don't really 'get' them :P Surely it's not based on the Stephen King novel??

The only thing I know about “Rose Red” is that the original song  is a round (also known as Heigh-Ho), and dates back pretty far. A majority of the lyrics in EA’s song (if not all) are not her original work. 


So has anyone else purchased a autographed pic from Aprella as a perk? Where am I supposed to go to let her know I want one of her as the broken ballerina from when she performed with EA?

WHat is SAG/AFTRA? Click here to find out (click!)

And help our dear Bloody Crumpet to complete the quest :)

Has anyone else not gotten their Revolver kick starter rewards yet?
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