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Burke took this photo of me in our wedding bed the last day our house stood. I was crying and pulled the veil over my face. I didn’t want to let our beloved house go. Only a handful of people have ever seen this photo. It was just too personal for me to share until now.

Veronica Varlow | Danger Dame Diary 

Burke took this photo of me in our wedding bed the last day our house stood. I was crying and pulled the veil over my face. I didn’t want to let our beloved house go. Only a handful of people have ever seen this photo. It was just too personal for me to share until now.

Veronica Varlow | Danger Dame Diary 

Words of Wisdom from our Danger Dame, Veronica Varlow.

I had planned on writing about something else today,
but when I saw the new allegations against photographer, Terry Richardson, from yet another model,
I knew exactly what I needed to talk about.

I’ve never told this story before because I was embarrassed.
I was lucky and got out of a bad situation,
and I thought there was no story to tell.
Nothing to be learned.
But when I read this model’s account with Richardson, I saw that the same or similar coercion techniques were being used as in my own personal story dealing with a “professional” photographer at a young age.
I found myself getting really, really angry as I read it.

I have women and men tell me that they are inspired to be models, burlesque performers, circus performers and actors often…
I always encourage them, as I feel like performing for a living has changed my life.
However, occasionally, there are predators in this business and it is good to be ready for them, to see through their manipulative tactics and get out of there, report them, tell someone.

This is why I am finally going to tell this story today.

If it can help a single person, it will have done its job…

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21st April 2014: interview for examiner.com


Emilie Autumn waxes eloquent about Warped Tour 2014’s ‘Asylum Experience’ 


Microphone, made by SennheiserUSA, and Emilie Autumn hinted that this might be used for special recordings for the Asylum Experience!

Quiet recently, the Emilie Autumn Examiner has been privy to a few more details about Emilie Autumn’s Asylum Experience. She candidly shared some answers to some of our most vexing questions about this upcoming theatrical extravaganza.

When the Examiner gets word from Emilie Autumn, we actually have a fancy rat emissary, named Sir Charles of York, who is not a craven rat. He is one of our bravest rats, and he represents a rat of dignity, who has been spared the life of being ruthlessly experimented upon.. Althought, he is merely a metaphorical rat:he does represent a cause that is very meaningful to Emilie Autumn.

As such, this Examiner page was thankful for the news from Emilie Autumn, received from our emissary plague rat Sir Charles of York

Emilie Autumn Examiner:.Just, how different will this Warped Tour appearance be from your typical stage-show, and is this the true precursor to the forthcoming West End musical?

Emilie Autumn: There’s really no comparison to my usual stage show in that this is taking place completely outside the realm of a standard stage or theatre. The Asylum Experience is both more theatrical and less so at the same time, in that there are about 25 more performers in costume interacting with the audience of festival guests, and yet it seems more real because it is largely occurring off stage, in the realm of the everyday, not contained by my beloved proscenium arch. My musical performances throughout the day will indeed be up on a stage in the middle of the Asylum environment, but even that will have no roof, no curtains, and no lights to blacken the stage when we want to be invisible or create an illusion, and so there is much less separation between performer and observer, which is exactly the idea. There is no illusion. It is a show, but the show is real. We are bringing my book, ‘The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls’, to life in a larger and more physical sense than we every have been able to before, and, in that aspect, the Warped Tour is a step closer to my end-goal of the Asylum musical. While I have played multiple characters during my usual stage shows, this will be the first time that people can actually meet and interact with Dr. Stockill, Dr. Lymer, Madame Mournington, the other Inmates, and even Sir Edward the Rat, in their actual forms.

Emilie Autumn Examiner: From the perspective of a committed plague rat, can you describe how their day will be at the Asylum Experience?

Emilie Autumn: The idea behind the Asylum Experience is to make this world absolutely immersive in every detail, incorporating all senses including touch and taste. Anything you see, you can interact with. The Plague Rats will find themselves just as much a part of the story as the Inmates, Doctors, and Rats sharing their space. It is a choose your own adventure tale, a treasure hunt, a haunted house, a rock show, and a tea party all smashed into one experience, and only on a tour called Warped could something like this ever happen.

Emilie Autumn Examiner: Depending on how successful this is, could this very ambitious, interactive experience be extended to other cities, as well?

Emilie Autumn: That is an excellent question. The reason for our limited dates at present (June 18th to the 22nd only) are indeed that this is something that Warped, or any festival for that matter, has never done, and, because of the massive expense involved in creating a completely mobile alternate reality from the ground up each day, it seemed to Kevin (Kevin Lyman, the man behind the Vans Warped Tour from the very beginning and to whom I owe this opportunity) that it would be wise to start with a limited run and perhaps expand the following year. Could more dates be added if there is overwhelming demand from the public? I’ve no idea if that’s even possible, but it would be fun to find out, wouldn’t it? Plague Rats are notoriously loud…

Emilie Autumn Examiner: For those plague rats that don’t live along the west coast, will there be some type of online content, such as a brief documentary that showcases video highlights from the event?

Emilie Autum:Perhaps, but there is no substitute for being in this world with us, which is the whole point, really. You have to be here. Not somewhere else, not on your phone, not behind a screen, but right here, right now. The Asylum Experience will be well worth getting on a plane for.

The Emilie Autumn Examiner wishes to thank both Melissa King (fondly called Asylum Headmistress, by Plague Rats), and Emilie Autumn for making this interview with the Examiner page-related to all things Emilie Autumn- possible!!

For Plague Rats in the west coast, or any plague rat willing to travel, here are the confirmed dates that Emilie Autumn’s Asylum Experience will be featured at Warped Tour 2014:

  • June 18 – Mesa, AZ – Quail Run Park
  • June 19 – Las Vegas, NV – UNLV Intramural Fields
  • June 20 – Pomona, CA – Pomona Fairplex
  • June 21 – Mountain View, CA –Shoreline Amphitheatre
  • June 22 – Ventura, CA – Seaside Park

Get your tickets now for the event, by clicking here!

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Emilie Autumn - Hospital Entry 1: SUICIDE WATCH
690 plays

Hospital Entry 1: SUICIDE WATCH
It was the dog who found me. I heard him crying outside the bathroom door, but it seemed very far away. I wasn’t there anymore; I was lying in a field of tall, soft grass — tall enough to hide me from anyone who came looking. The grass moved around me, but there was no sound; I was like a fish lying at the bottom of my cozy aquarium, amongst the sea anemones and dwarf hairgrass. I felt a soft blanket of tree-filtered sunlight wash over me, and I wanted to sleep forever. I felt no fear, no panic; I felt relieved… relieved that I had made my decision and gone through with it, and now there was nothing left to do but wait and lay, wait and lay, wait and lay… All my highs and lows, ups and downs, “TO BEs or NOT TO BEs” were over at last. I had no regrets. I was at peace, and that was a sensation I hadn’t known until that moment. I was at peace. I was at peace. I was at peace…

Then, there were arms lifting me up, voices screaming in my ears, and I was being shaken violently while hydrogen peroxide was poured down my throat. There was no sunlight, no grass — just a dirty bathroom floor, and all I wanted was to go back to sleep.

From Emilie Autumn’s official website

Completed day one of @warpedtour stamina hike training… #warpedtour2014 #cellout #asylumexperience @marcsenter

"My name is Emilie Autumn, inmate number W14A, and this summer for 5 days only on Vans Warped Tour 2014 I am honored to present to you my Asylum Experience." [x]


Masterpost page for all EA @ Van’s Warped Tour information. Will update as I learn more.

Update: 4/10/14

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