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Emilie Autumn Plague Rat Mask for Auction!


Note from EA: 

Dearest Plague Rats, I could never have imagined parting with this, the one and only RAT MASK. I intended to keep it in my Asylum costume archives forever and ever. And yet, at the close of 2012, after so many incredibly thrilling, exciting, magical tours around the world, we are entering into a new age together — you, the Plague Rats, the Crumpets, me, and the entire Asylum. It’s time for new creatures, new characters, new masks, and beautiful new costumes.

I made the RAT MASK with my own two hands and some very surprising materials (should it be yours, you will finally see exactly how I did it!). I filled it with magic and mystery, the symbolism of the plague rat, the plague doctor, and the Asylum prison gate itself, and that murky and terrifying dream world where they all meet and become the very same.

This object that has traveled with me from obscurity into your minds, that has covered my eyes, shielding me from looking too quickly into yours and being blinded by their light when I first take the stage each night, and, yes, that has been responsible for my bumping into way too many walls and falling off a backstage rafter or two, is the most famous and most significant symbol of the entire Asylum show to this point.

But it is YOU who took the pictures, shared the stories, posted passionately on YouTube, shared and believed in this reality. 

And, therefore, I can think of no nobler head to hold up this iconic symbol than…YOURS:)!

— EA


Once you put this thing on, you are going to realize just how much I CANNOT SEE during “4 O’Clock”


The RAT MASK is studded with Swarovski crystals, and closes with elastic and magnets in the back, fitting snugly to a small sized head. You could always attach your own straps or ribbons for a custom fit.

This item is NOT NEW, but an authentic costume piece that has been worn, performed in, and MUCH used and loved during hundreds of performances throughout the past 5 years.

The RAT MASK will arrive to you wrapped in beautiful fabric and will include a signed certificate of authenticity.

Do keep in mind that every penny goes  towards making the Asylum stage show the greatest show on earth. 


Domestic & International Shipping  Notes:

Please see shipping details at the bottom of the page. And! All purchases come  with some pretty fabulous (and valuable;) free gifts…

Love from our Asylum to yours,
~ The Shop Rats

All designs Copyright Emilie Autumn Ent. LLC

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    I’m not an Emilie Autumn fan, but I want this so much. just. to wear.
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    I still find this mask really pretty.
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    I wonder who won the auction and won the rat mask…
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    I cannot believe this thing made it to over 10,000 dollars! Emilie even said that she couldn’t afford it herself...
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