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A Look Into the Past: The Store at Traitor Records

What was some of the stuff in the Traitor Record Store? What was the price? Well, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, click to read more.


  • Chambermaid - Limited Edition EP: $10 plus s/h
  • By the Sword - Single for Charity: $8.00 plus s/h
  • Chambermaid single from Enchant: COMING SOON
  • On a Day… - Special Edition Classical album: $10.00 plus s/h


  • Across the Sky: $8.00 plus s/h
  • "What If" Sheet Music for Voice & Piano: COMING SOON


  • EA “Sorry, Was I Thinking Again” T-Shirt: COMING SOON
  • EA Signature Rune Set: $15.00 plus s/h
  • "ENCHANT" Signature Collection Sculpted Pendants (Frog, Ladybug, Rabbit, Butterfly, Star): $15.00 plus s/h per item.
  • Violin Star Pendant: $10.00 plus s/h
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